Bollywood Style Dancing with Panache

Who isn't acquainted with the Bollywood style of dancing! With the constant hit numbers churned out all the time with each passing year, it is indeed very difficult to keep off from the foot stomping dance style. Though seemingly easy, Bollywood dancing may take you by surprise if and when you do not shine through it. Let Panache handle things for you from here.
Bollywood dance, as is common knowledge, originated from the Indian movies which have a song and dance pattern or are a sort of musicals. The songs from the movies convey a variety of emotions through to all and thus, give us songs for each mood and emotion. So, whether you are dancing at a wedding or at a competition or a casual party, you need to know the mood of the place and get grooving to your favorite Bollywood song. Whether you want to portray a sad lover or a beautiful young girl in love, you can select your song and dance your way. However, it is easier said than done. Though it may seem easy from a distance, many people still find it a tad tough to get the Bollywood moves correct. Panache offers a wide range of classes: be it folk, classical or disco. They ensure you are trained well to pay a tribute to your favorite movie stars with their hit songs.
Bollywood dancing has influenced Indians and foreigners alike and is enjoyed across the globe. In fact, it has turned out to be a distinct identity for India throughout the world. The international dance events have also not been left behind when it comes to Bollywood dancing. The dance style has carved out a niche for itself in the international markets and with the international dance divas. Even the pubs and the discos now dance to the beats of Bollywood songs.
At Panache, the choreographers constantly make efforts to invent and include new steps; and introduce it to their dancers with each passing session. This way, the beginners can set off to dance and the born-dancers can attain expertise. So, why wait! Get your dose of Bollywood dancing and get going for an enticing melodramatic journey of dancing.



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