Jazz up with Panache

Jazz is a dance form known to world since as early as the 1950s. Although it is such an old form, people are still crazy about it and are seeking institutions to fetch training for it. Panache dance classes offer training sessions in conventional Jazz along with adding their improvised steps to it.
All your curiosity about Jazz will settle down here, at Panache. All you always wanted to learn about Jazz but did not know where to look for it. Get to learn the basics of Jazz, from its history, of its origin and the way it was performed in the initial years of its introduction to the world.
Popularity of Jazz as a dance form has grown immensely in the recent years. The diverse movements and the classy gestures have swept the world. Now, there are new variations added to the original form of Jazz called as the Modern Jazz. To this, Panache has added an altogether fascinating way of teaching it to its students. Jazz has also been modified and transformed into something which can be performed in the theatre; also called as the story-based performance. That's the beauty of Jazz. You can, effectively, yet easily tell a story and convey emotions using a combination of movements.
Isolation is another important aspect of Jazz. It is a type of movement where one part of the body moves while the rest of the body remains still. This gives an amazing and enthralling effect to the performance. At Panache, you get to learn isolation along with the other movements. Improvisation, too, had an important place in the dance form which helped include a variety of movements into Jazz.
Learn this amazing dance form and jazz-up your art of dancing. Let Panache guide you to getting the perfect steps of Jazz and be confident when you arrive on the dance floor. So whether you have a dance competition coming up or a party or just a casual friends getting together, you can get the choreographers at Panache to uplift your art and add a feather to your dancing cap.



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